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I am now carrying the "Mystic" cleaning gun used with water to clean minerals and remove crusts etc from mineral specimens.  These have bee around for many years now.  They do wonders and are well worth the money.  They cut specimen cleaning time substantially.  Following the recommended usage and care, they should last many years.  I usually do not follow the recommended distilled water etc.  I just use hard water out of the tap and they still last for a year or more.  Also there are replacement springs etc but again I usually just get a new one since the cost is rather inexpensive.  Normally they cost $85 to $125.  The photo is one I purchased at the Denver Show this year and the cost of $104.95 can be seen on the front.  2 were $100 each and 3 were $95 which is what I paid.  Other than Denver they are also available in Tucson.   I will be carrying them at all the shows we do and also at Tucson at both the 1820 Oracle Wholesale show and at the Tucson "Convention Center" Show.

Note: I sold out and had to reorder 50 this month for Tucson this year. They are now made in India instead of China.  They look almost exactly the same and have been out for about 6 to 8 months and doing excellent as reported by the distributor.

I need to take a new photo but the box has changed a little but the cleaning gun looks nearly identical. 


My pricing is not $125.00, $104.95, or even $95.00.

My Price was:

$ 75.00  Price increase of $7 per gun buying bulk has

necessitated me raising the price by $5 to: